Looking great for Christmas

If you’re meeting old friends, going to office parties or just planning on having a good time Christmas is a busy time of year when it feels great to be in shape and look good when you go out.

If you’re hoping to look & feel great this Christmas October is the ideal time to start training and working on your nutrition.

I offer a friendly and understanding service to assist you with your challenges and goals, and help you make sensible and safe progress!

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Welcome to my new website

Welcome to my personal trainer in York Website! I’ve been a trainer in York since 2012 and have recently set up this new website in 2019.

My name is Ben Cook and I’m a friendly and experienced personal trainer, Pilates teacher and weight-loss coach in York, England.

I’ve been a fitness professional since 2006 after serving in HM armed forces and dedicate my life to providing positive and understanding help with exercise, weight-loss, back pain, and motivation.

Call Ben today on 07810 117025 for more information and a free consultation.